Welcome to the 2023-24 Club Tonka Junior Olympic Season!

Club Tonka Volleyball – Teams and Team Levels

TRAVEL TEAMS:  Club Tonka offers 3 levels of travel teams.  Most NATIONAL team travel is within the Midwest. However, some teams may qualify to travel outside the Midwest Region.  REGIONAL PLUS teams travel within the Midwest but do not end their season with a National tournament. REGIONAL teams will travel outside the Twin Cities and stay within the Midwest. CLUB PLUS teams travel within the state, typically to Rochester or Duluth.

LOCAL TEAMS:  CLUB and IN-HOUSE  are local teams. Venues are typically within the Twin Cities or 7-County Metropolitan area – no overnight travel.

 Club Tonka teams have a minimum of 10-12 players on their rosters. 

The numbers that identify a team are determined by age and skill  (i.e. 15-1 means 15 and under and Club Tonka’s number 1 team).

Club Tonka 1s Teams will have players with the highest level of volleyball skills, determined at tryouts, and are  chosen to fill our travel National, Regional Plus or Regional teams.  In an effort to put the most qualified players on the 1s team the coach may confirm less than a full roster on the day of tryouts. If additional players are needed to complete a team roster they may be added at make-up tryouts or during the weeks following tryouts.

Club Tonka 2s  qualify as Regional, Club Plus or Club teams in each age bracket.

Additonal Club Tonka Teams  will be created based on skills and will typically be a Club Plus or Club teams. These teams will be identified by Blue, White and Red colors.

There are significant differences between all levels of training; differences in number of available coaches, number of competition days,  positional training, and travel. If a parent desires a different team level due to schedule conflicts or financial concerns the parent may request to move their daughter to a different level by communication with Ted Fleener, Club Director. Parents may also  work with Club Tonka to re-structure payments in a way that will meet the families’ needs. Some scholarship funds are available.

Keep in mind that the coaching staff at tryouts will determine the best program level for your daughter to experience the most success in her volleyball training.

Club Tonka will also continue to offer Strength & Jump Training, Developmental & Advanced Positional Training, and a College Recruiting Program.

IMPORTANT: All fees paid to Club Tonka are non-transferable and non-refundable!

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