Mark Asanovich ideals and philosophy have been the foundation to Club Tonka’s Strength Training since the 2012-13 Junior Olympic volleyball season! (Click on Mark’s name above to read about him)

Mark is assisted by William Coonrod and staff in training our players. Will comes with high credentials and a strong endorsement from Mark. He also has worked with Mark at Minnetonka High School.

Strength Training Results Are In!

A strength training program was implemented in 2012-13 under the leadership of Mark Asanovich and has been highly successful ever since. His philosophy is to strengthen the body so it is prepared for our coaches to train the player for volleyball. This has brought significant results to our athletes. The body composition measurements before and after each year’s strength training sessions truly attest to the improvements that have been made with our weekly workouts. Our players lost extra body fat and replaced it with solid muscle in differing amounts but, across the board, all players that participated saw positive results. Thank you players and coaches for putting in the effort to make this program successful! Sincere thanks to you Mark and staff!

Director Ted Fleener

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