Club Tonka is committed to a complete approach to its players. While providing¬ the highest level of sport training, Club Tonka coaches recognize that they model and teach life skills through teamwork and personal accountability. Club Tonka also believes that individuals have responsibility to God, family and school that transcend club. Club Tonka gives emphasis to taking responsibility for our own actions and making decisions for the common good. We offer an opportunity for our players to show responsibility and gain personal success, through hard work, while contributing to a team effort. Club Tonka seeks to build character, to inspire lifetime fitness, to promote sportsmanship and to celebrate individual and team achievement.

Volleyball is a game for a lifetime. It is recreational on one end of the spectrum and fiercely competitive on the other. The Club Tonka program was established in 1988 to provide players with the opportunity to compete at many levels within the game. We exist to support, respect, nurture, and instruct our athletes. Our commitment is to ensure that all of our players, parents and coaches treat each other with mutual respect, compassion and integrity both on and off the court. We endeavor to instill a love of the game and prepare our players for a life beyond volleyball. Good sportsmanship will continue to be an unconditional expectation and responsibilitiy of everyone in the club. We strive to nurture the advancement of volleyball and the individual. Cost should not stop athletes from participating. Fundraising opportunities and scholarships are available.

Philosophy Priorities:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. School
  4. Club

Club Tonka Core Values:

  • Club Tonka is committed to providing the opportunity, to every player possible, the chance to play on a junior olympic club team that matches their skills and offers a positive growing experience.
  • We seek, through excellent coaching, strength training, and a life skills & leadership development program to provide every player with avenues of growth that will benefit them both on and off the court and into their future.
  • Club Tonka’s staff will seek to impart the understanding that the highest goal in sport competition is to be the hardest working team on the court! Regardless of the outcome this is our defintition of success! All-out individual effort is achievable by every player!

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