2020 Club Tonka Fall Prep Clinics

2021 Club Tonka Fall Prep Clinics

Club Tonka fall prep clinics are geared toward preparing players for their fall school tryouts and club seasons. Each session will have on-court strength & conditioning. The main emphasis will be volleyball skills training in a small group environment.

Club Tonka has safe distancing guidelines and policies that all players must follow in order to participate. Please review, print out and sign the Waiver and Guidelines document below and bring to the first session. The document must be signed prior to participation.

Additional details

  • Each clinic is 2 weeks long. Monday –Thursday (unless noted) in two successive weeks.
  • The clinics will be held at Lions Gate Academy or Eagle Ridge Academy.
  • The on-court practice will be 8 sessions at 2 hours per session. Total of 16 hours. Clinics will start week of June 15.

CLINIC DATES/TIMES (reserved by coach and player availability):
Choose clinic dates and a session time.

  1. 1st Clinic: June 14-17; 21-24 (1-3pm or 3:30-5:30pm or 6-8pm)
  2. 2nd Clinic: June 28-July 1; July 12-15 (1-3pm or 3:30-5:30pm or 6-8pm)
  3. 3rd Clinic: July 19- 22; 26-29 (1-3pm or 3:30-5:30pm or 6-8pm)
  4. 4th Clinic: August 2-5; 9-12 (1-3pm or 3:30-5:30pm or 6-8pm)
  • One coach to 7 players. (9 maximum players)
  • A player may attend more than one clinic. See Clinic Details Sheet below.
  • A basic 7-player roster would consist of 1 setter, 1 right side, 2 left side (OH), 2 middles and 1 libero. If the circumstances arise, an 8th or 9th player could be added.
  • The cost per player is $375 per 2-week clinic. There are no refunds for missed days or if player leaves the program. 
  • Clinics includes 16 hours of conditioning and volleyball skills training, and small group attention. The main objective is for players to be prepared for the Fall school season and club volleyball.
  • Social distancing protocols are in place and will be implemented by coaches and staff. These are listed in the Waiver/Guidelines form found by clicking the link below.

Waiver/Guidelines click here 


Step 1- Player Registration- Complete the form below providing us player and parent information.


Step 2- Player Payment- Click “Pay Now” to complete payment and reserve a spot. Space is limited! Make sure you enter your players name in the NOTE field when you pay.

Fall Prep Clinic


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