2021-22 Fundraising at Club Tonka!

Club Tonka will once again provide fundraising activities to assist families in paying for Club fees!

Each year Club Tonka seeks to have 2-3 fundraisers to help support families with club fees. If you are planning to be a part of Club Tonka this season you can get started on your fundraiser NOW! See information below. We look for fundraisers that will be fun and profitable to those who wish to participate.

All fundraising activity will be organized by Melissa McKirahan.  She will be the sole contact for all information, questions, order forms and delivery. Please do not contact the Club Tonka office as it will delay you getting the information you need. Call or email Melissa directly. Her contact information is:

Melissa McKirahan
Cell:  952-239-4434

Note: The commission you earn on your fundraising activities will be paid directly to you within 10 days of the end of the fundraiser. These funds can help to off-set your Club Tonka fees.

Active Now – December 4th
Popcorn by Poppin Popcorn
*New this year! This fundraiser is completely online; anyone can order online with your unique link. It is shipped within 24 hours directly to your buyers!

January 16th – January 29th
Cookie Dough
Otis Spunkmeyer
*New this year, more info to come!

March 20th – April 2nd
Butter Braids
This fundraiser is a crowd favorite! We will have orders placed in time so we can deliver to customers by Easter! Orders can be online as well as by collecting it in person. Butter braids will need to be picked up from Melissa McKirahan’s home in Excelsior and delivered to your customers. Please keep in mind these need to be kept frozen until delivery!
If your daughter is interested in doing any of the fundraisers, please email Melissa McKirahan at You will then get further details on dates, how to submit orders, money, get your unique online links and any pertinent information.

See below for ideas for fundraising opportunities outside of Club Tonka. 
Achieving Dreams is a local organization that offers fundraising opportunities to players age 14 & up at various events around the Twin Cities. Visit for more information.

Ann Bancroft Foundation – Players can apply for a grant to support their sporting activities.  Applications are received twice a year…the deadline is May 1 and Oct. 1. Visit for more information.

An often unknown source of fundraising is your local VFW, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, American Legion or Elks Club. Each organization sets funds aside for kids who need assistance in supporting their sport’s activities. Parents and Players should contact the President of the club directly, and find out about the qualifications for the scholarship funds and ask how much is available for the current year. Ted is happy to attend a meeting you schedule.

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