1. While representing Club Tonka, all athletes and parents are expected to follow the Club Tonka Code of Ethics, which is outlined above in detail.
  2. Any athlete damaging equipment owned by Club Tonka or any facility used by the Club during practices, tournaments or other functions, will be required to reimburse the Club and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the Club. In some circumstances, the athlete may be dismissed from the Club.
  3. Use of cell phones and other electronics is not allowed during any practices or playdates. Players may approach coaches for permission to use their electronics and which will always be granted for emergencies.
  4. All jewelry, including earrings, is deemed a safety hazard by coaches and referees. Remove before entering any gym for practice or play dates. Street shoes are not allowed on the court…..bring volleyball shoes for use during practices and playdates.
  5. No athlete will be allowed to participate during the current season if fees from last year are unpaid. As already noted Club fees must be current for players to participate in club training and competition dates.
  6. Club fees may be paid in one of the following ways:
    1. In full at tryouts.
    2. By credit card information on file with the office. See Team Details Sheet for payment schedule. Credit cards are processed on the 1st day of the month that fees are due.
    3. A payment plan may be arranged for special needs. This can only be done by contacting Lynn Fleener at the Club Tonka billing office – 952-906-2860 or email The Club Tonka mailing address for financial items is: Club Tonka, C/O Lynn Fleener, 10785 Valley View Road #118, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

Please do not ask us to accept cash.  We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) for all payments. Do not give payments to coaches. And please do not send them with your players.


  1. Weather Policy: if Club Tonka cancels any practice, class or other event due to weather, cancellations will be posted on the home page at least 3 hours before the start of the event and emailed to the head coaches. Also, check TeamSnap for current updates. Players will always be excused from practices that they or their family feel are unsafe to travel to even if the team’s practice will occur as scheduled.
  2. If a player arrives at their scheduled practice time they are late! Please arrive early enough to be dressed and ready to set up and bond with fellow team members. This will require arriving at least 15 minutes before start time.
  3. Volleyball shoes are to be carried into the practice facility and worn only during practice. This helps the shoes last longer and keeps our practice surfaces clean, dry and safe. Wet floors are a major cause of injuries.
  4. All athletes are expected to attend every practice. However, we do honor our philosophy, our core values and the priorities of God (Church) first, then family, education and Club Tonka . Having said that, we do expect Club to be a priority in a player’s schedule. Homework, jobs, other club sports etc. are not excused absences. The athlete needs to always keep in mind that missing practices and/or play dates hinders learning and skill retention abilities and thus may affect playing time. The athlete always has the option of making up the practice with another team but must seek coach approval first. IF AN ATHLETE CANNOT BE AT PRACTICE, THE PARENT IS EXPECTED TO CONTACT THE COACH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN ADVANCE OF THE PRACTICE OR TOURNAMENT.
  5. All tryouts and practice sessions are CLOSED to parents.
  6. To minimize the potential for spreading germs all athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle (in an unbreakable container identified with the player’s name) to practices and tournaments.
  7. On occasion a coach may not be able to attend practice. A substitute coach will be provided.


  1. Information regarding the tournament play schedule usually arrives on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week before the weekend of play. The playing venue is often known two to three weeks earlier (but not always). All tournaments have varying circumstances that create scheduling problems. Teams may drop or other problems may arise causing the playing schedule to change last minute. Playing schedules will come to you from Team Snap. Many times you can find the schedule on line at the host club homepage.
  2. All athletes are expected to be in the gym, READY TO WARM-UP ON THE COURT, at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled play time.
  3. Generally, NO FOOD, DRINK, (other than water or sports drinks), OR CHEWING GUM IS ALLOWED IN ANY GYM AT ANY TIME. A tournament director may penalize teams if players, parents and/or supporters ignore this rule.
  4. Proper demeanor is expected of all members of Club Tonka, (coaches, athletes, parents, supporters) at all tournaments; this includes treating members of the officiating crew with respect.
  5. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to “coach” from the bench or sidelines. This is confusing to the players and disruptive of coaches who have specific reasons for the decisions they make during tournaments. A parent who does not follow this directive will be asked to leave the tournament and possibly banned from future tournaments for the duration of the season.
  6. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their athlete to and from ALL tournaments.  This includes travel between hotels and playing venues. If a parent is unable to attend they are expected to make arrangements with another family to host their daughter for the entirety of the competition.
  8. Athletes will not be allowed to leave a tournament site until excused by the coach and have completed their refereering assignments.
  9. On occasion a coach may not be able to attend a tournament. A substitute coach will be provided.
  10. If you as a parent have a concern regarding a controversial matter (ie playing time, etc.) please follow the Grievance Protocol in this Manual. Do not approach the coach on the day(s) of the tournament. Parents must wait 24 hours after the completion of the tourament before contacting the coach with questions regarding playtime and other game-related concerns.
  11. Please note that, on occasion, scheduled tournaments may change at the discretion of the Head Coach and/or Club Director.


All injuries should be reported to the coach and Club Director immediately. If an injury/illness requires medical attention the player must present a doctor’s approval before returning to training and competitions. If possible the player should make every effort to attend practice even if they cannot participate. Attendance will increase volleyball skills and keep the player connected to their team training schedule teammates. If the injury or illness is serious enough that the player is unable to play for the remainder of the season, Club Tonka will work to find a replacement player. If a replacement is found that player may take over part/all of the remaining fees. However, without a replacement player, all injuries, or illnesses, regardless of severity, do not negate the parents’ financial responsibility to pay all season fees due to Club Tonka.


  1. All Club Tonka athletes are required to attend an officiating clinic. Parents are encouraged to attend.
  2. All Club Tonka athletes are required to help with officiating duties, including line judging, and score keeping. Officiating is the shared responsibility of the entire team. Therefore, no athlete may leave a tournament before the assignment is completed regardless of whether or not an individual has an officiating duty.
  3. All athletes will attend an Refereering/Officiating Clinic, to meet their officiating responsibilities at tournaments and play dates. Each team will have 5-7 officials and 3-5 scorekeepers per team.

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