TRAVEL – Information & Guidelines

Benefits of travel tournaments for National, Regional+, Regional and Club Plus teams:

  • Teach athletes time management skills.
  • Teach athletes to be productive team members while traveling in a competitive environment.
  • Teach athletes to handle the rigors of a competitive schedule—a must for players considering a  collegiate career.
  • Teach athletes personal responsibility.


National, Regional+, Regional and Club Plus teams travel either regionally or nationally during their season. All travel costs for lodging, food and transportation to all tournaments, whether local, regional or national, is the sole responsibility of the parents. Players must arrive at their first tournament assignment (officiating or playing) to check in with their coach at least 1/2 hour before the start of their assignment. If a parent is unable to attend a travel tournament they must make arrangements with another family to host their daughter for the duration of the tournament.

NOTICE – Weather Guidelines
If Club Tonka cancels any scheduled playdate, or practice due to weather, the head coach will be contacted by the Club Tonka office and notice will be communicated, through TeamSnap, to the families by the head coach. Players are always excused from any scheduled event that their families feel are unsafe to travel to, whether or not the event will occur as scheduled. On rare occasions, while traveling to or from a play date or team practice, weather may become an issue. Safety is our first concern! In the event that Coaches have made a decision to depart a tournament, or a practice, for safety reasons, the team will not continue to play.

Information to be reviewed to make travel trips safe and successful

  • Athletes will be courteous and respectfully obey all staff members. This includes coaches, and/or other adults traveling with the team.
  • Athletes should never be alone at any time when traveling. This includes in your hotel room or going to the lobby, to the restroom etc.
  • Club Tonka reserves a parent block for parents. This information is sent out to parents from the office well ahead of the tournament.
  • Club Tonka players are not allowed to drive on their own to over-night tournaments.
  • An athlete found in possession of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs will be sent to the local police department immediately if a parent or guardian is not immediately available. The coach will contact the Club Director and appropriate action will be taken. This violation usually results in dismissal from the Club.
  • An athlete who disobeys any one of the travel rules may be sent home immediately at the expense of the parent or guardian. Violation of any travel rule may also result in the athlete being asked to leave the Club, depending on the evaluation of the incident by the Club Director, which will take place immediately after the trip is completed.
  • Electronics – Electronic usage is not allowed during tournament play or officiating duties. If an emergency arises the player must get permission from the coach to call their parent.
  • Travel fees are borne by the entire team members regardless of their attendance at the travel event. If you are not able to attend a travel event your fees are not reduced.
  • If flying, place all playing gear in a carry-on in case of lost luggage. 

What to Bring on Travel Tournaments
Team items: all parts of the team uniforms, including jerseys, shorts, leggings, travel bags, volleyball shoes, knee pads, all braces, plenty of socks and a refillable water bottle!
Personal hygiene items needed: deodorant, shampoo, bar soap, toothpaste, sun block etc.
Optional medical items: Tylenol, Advil, feminine hygiene products etc.                                        Medications.
Comfortable clothes for sightseeing trips, shopping, browsing around hotel or eating out.
Bathing suit.
2-3 large plastic Ziploc-type bags to place dirty/wet clothes and for trip home.


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