The Coaches will work closely with the Chaperone to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. The Chaperone is a volunteer, most typically a parent of one of the players.

    • Chaperone responsibilities – additional information is sent to the Chaperone from the office in advance of each travel trip. First steps are to: 1) With the coach, create a rooming list of who will room with whom. All players stay in rooms together on travel trips (up to four players per room), and their rooms, along with the chaperone and coaches rooms, are reserved by the CT office. Our teams have a variable number of players who attend travel events. Chaperones set rooming lists based on players attending. Typically, rooms are reserved to accommodate 3-4 players per room. 2) Create a car travel list of who is driving with whom. 
      1. The chaperone must provide all non-traveling parents with their cell phone number.
      2. Be aware of travel plans, including transportation, hotel arrangements, departure times and places.
      3. Be able to drive and find drivers within the parent group to help shuttle players to and from venues.
      4. Plan and shop for meals/snacks for the Players. The food costs will be divided equally between all parents on the team who have a player attending the travel tournament. Food requirements are different for each tournament and detailed information will be sent to the Chaperone prior to each play date. 
      5. Send out Food Questionnaire Form to determine player food preferences and any possible food allergies.
      6. Help launder team uniforms as needed.
      7. Be aware of tournament schedule and assist the coaches in making sure players are on time to their matches.
      8. Confirm return travel arrangements and be certain that players have notified parents of any changes.
      9. In coordination with the coaches handle team check-in at the hotel and distribute keys. Do bed checks and enforce curfew, electronics policy and other club rules.
      10. If a parent is unable to attend a travel tournament they must make arrangements with another family to host their daughter for the duration of the tournament.
      11. Chaperones may have a spouse join them for traveling, depending on the venue. Please note that Club Tonka does not allow unmarried staff, coaches or chaperones to room together on Club Tonka travel events.
      12. Chaperone rooms will be used as a meeting room during the travel event. 
      13. Chaperones must adhere to a no-alcohol policy during the entire travel event.
        No individual player is allowed to go anywhere alone including the hotel lobby!
        The Head Coach & Chaperone must know where players are at all times!


Supporting the Coaches/Club:

Chaperones, together with coaches, are an extension of the Club Tonka volleyball program. This means that you know and support the philosophy of the club.

Do not be afraid to talk to the coach to find out what they need and to let them know what you need. Each coach may have different expectations. Ask for their input on travel, meal times, curfew and lights out, getting up, departure and any ideas for extra-curricular activities if any. The coach will look to you to help things run smoothly. Don’t make decisions on your own. Keep them informed. Give the coach ideas for resolving problems when issues arise rather than simply tell them what is happening.

Make sure you have the cell phone number for the coaches, parents and players entered into your phone.

Avoid coaching or giving advice to the players….you are there to support not coach.

Work with the coach to understand the arrival and departure expectations.

Be prepared with the following items: small first aid kit, include: assorted band aids, eye drops, hand sanitizer. (Coach will also have a first aid kit.)

Feminine hygiene products.  Tide-type pen or Clorox-type wipes for stains on uniforms.

Know which athletes might have medical conditions that may require a reminder to take medications or the need for monitoring (diabetes). Check with coach and/or parents.

Make sure the players are drinking plenty of water and limit sun/pool exposure.

Check with the coach regarding the player’s Medical Release Form to be apprised of any condition a player may have. Do not hesitate to contact a parent regarding any health concern.

Grocery shopping will be required for each trip both before and possibly during the tournament. Use the internet to find stores near your hotel. Proteins, complex carbs (whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, etc.), and good fats are encouraged. Ensure that players are eating nutritious food throughout the tournament. Processed sugar (pop, candy, candy-type fruit snacks, juice boxes, etc,) and caffeine should be avoided prior to and during play. Keep the coach informed if unusual eating habits are observed.  A good idea is to have team members bring their favorite snack to share with the team. Enlist the help of the players (or even parents) in making their lunches the night before. Make sure food can be brought into the venue. If not, keep food in coolers in the car. Coolers are not normally allowed in the venues – check to make sure. Where they are allowed a cooler on wheels works well for transporting lunch items/healthy snacks. 

You may need to buy sandwich bags, foil wrap, napkins/paper towels. Bring along extra plastic bags (like Target/Cub) – they come in handy. Bring soap for kitchen and disinfecting gel.

Use the Food Questionnaire Form to gather information regarding player food preferences and any possible food allergies.

The Chaperone Follow-up Form is due in the office the week after the tournament.  

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