Parent/Player Team Member Pledge

I promise to be courteous, helpful, encouraging and supportive to all my fellow teammates and opposing team members. I will work toward a positive attitude at all times.

I will think in terms of “we” “us” “our” more than “I” as a member of this team. I will seek to be a giver rather than a taker.

I promise to obey court rules at all times and to respect officials at all matches.

I promise to be respectful and to listen attentively to my coaches. I understand that only with my total cooperation can they do their job effectively.

I promise to refrain from harsh words or foul language of any kind.

I understand that success depends on a total team effort. I understand that I am an important part of the team and that what I do impacts the rest of the team.

I promise that I will make every effort possible to attend all practices and tournaments.

I promise to be courteous and respectful to all opposing teams and to exemplify the true meaning of good sportsmanship.

I promise to thank my parents and other parent volunteers frequently for the jobs that they do.

I promise to work hard, to try my very best at all times and to never give up. I do understand that putting forth my best effort does not always insure a win but as long as I give every endeavor 100% I will be a winner!!!

I promise to respect our club property and the property of the other volleyball clubs by cleaning up after every match and treating the equipment with respect and care.

I promise that I will not use or possess any illegal substances throughout the duration of the Club Tonka Volleyball season.

As a Club Tonka parent I agree to support and comply with each requirement of the Pledge.

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