Each year we evaluate a great number of athletes during tryouts.  Some athletes have extensive playing experience while others are just beginning to learn the sport.  Athletes first go through a battery of physical tests, then are evaluated on skill execution as well as intrinsic traits such as leadership, attitude, and team skills.  We base our team selections on what the athletes do during the tryout period and what we perceive their potential to be.  We select athletes based on the following criteria: athletic ability for volleyball, athletic potential, work ethic, attitude, drive, willingness to be coached and commitment to being a ‘team player’ with a competitive attitude. There are multiple positions and skill levels required for a team to be successful – not all positions have equal playing time.

Every athlete in the Club is evaluated each year.  Each athlete must come to the tryouts ready to compete for a place on one of our teams.  An athlete with a limiting physical or medical condition should talk to club personnel prior to the start of the tryout periodPlayers should not assume because they are on a specific team level one year that they will automatically make the same team level the following year.  Athletes are selected for advanced teams because they show the potential and/or ability, in the staff’s opinion, to help those teams compete successfully at the highest level of regional and national competition. All athletes are placed on teams that the coaches feel will provide the best opportunity of success for the team and the player.

All parents should come to tryouts prepared to make a decision about their players’ team level. To understand what each team level means please review the information under the menu button “Club Tonka Programs” and click on “Club Tonka Team Details and Fees”. A parent/guardian must accompany the player on the day of tryouts. Forms need to be signed, by a parent or guardian, for the player to participate and a down payment must be paid for a player to be placed on a team roster.

Within a few weeks following tryouts players may be moved to a different team or team level based on the opinion of Club Tonka staff with the objective of placing players on the team that best suites their skills. 

Parents are not allowed in the gym during tryouts.

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