As stated, Club Tonka has five training levels. At each training level, we do make allowances for multi-sport athletes. However, Club Tonka knows that being on a National team is demanding. The physical demands and the time commitments of these teams are important for families to review if you choose to participate in more than one sport.   In some athletes, skills advancement is limited during the participation in multiple sports. However, athletes who play another sport are allowed on all Club Tonka teams. The athlete should keep in mind that missed practices or tournaments may impact playing time in future competitions.

If an athlete participates in a school sport, we expect her to work out scheduling differences with her coach. If a practice or competition for the school sport conflicts with a Club Tonka practice or competition, the athlete will be excused. Should this happen we strongly encourage the player to make up the practice by attending another Club Tonka team practice, with permission of the coaches involved. However, if a Club Tonka practice or competition conflicts with another non-school sports competition, the player is not excused from the Club Tonka event.

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